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Quality food supply distributor in Honolulu

If you're looking for an excellent food supply distributor, consider Malolo Beverages. We offer a wide range of disposable food service products, such as containers, condiments and food wraps, for those in the food service industry. We understand that a good business relationship is all about providing fantastic service, and that is exactly what we do. You can expect your orders to be correct, timely, and affordable. Please call our office in Honolulu to get set up with your first order, or to ask any questions.
Distribution center for beverages in Honolulu, HI


We are proud to be a food supply distributor that carries a very large inventory of specialty products, including:
Food Service Disposables

Paper – Poly-Coated, Waxed, Hot Drink, Vending, Conical
Foam – Styrofoam Hot Cups, Two Piece-Dual Purpose, Hot & Cold, Trophy
Plastic – Clear Soft & Hard, Translucent Soft, Soufflé, Custom Prints

Paper – Molded, Pressed & Plastic Coated, Luau Trays, Food Trays ”Tapa” Print Designs
Foam – Laminated & Cut Resistant, Designer Print Series
Plastic – Grease Resistant, Microwaveable

Paper – Cold Food, Hot Food, Ice Cream Cups & Tubs, Popcorn Tubs, Chicken Tubs, Cake Boxes, Food Pails, Bento Boxes, Sandwich Bags, Hot Dog Bags, French Fry Bags, Doggie Bags, Pizza Boxes , Soufflé Cups, Grocery Bags, White Bags, Millinery Bags
Foam – Hinged Lid One Piece Container, Foam Bottom & Plastic Top Containers, Tubs, Bowls
Plastic – Clear Salad Containers, Dessert Dishes & Bowls, Hot & Cold Tubs, Portion Control Cups, Microwaveable
Aluminum – Pans, Service Trays & Containers

Hand Towels
Toilet/Bathroom Tissue
Facial Tissue

Utensils & Accessories
Cutlery – Light, Medium & Heavy Plastic Forks, Knives & Spoons, Sampler Spoons, Soup Spoons, 8″ Soda Spoons, Wooden Spoons
Straws – Wrapped & Printed Paper Straws, Plastic Spoon Type, Flexible, Economy, Clear, Striped, & Jumbo Straws, Cocktail Straws
Stirrers – Plastic & Wooden
Picks – Wrapped & Unwrapped, Toothpicks, Club Frills, Lamb Skewers, Sabre Sword Picks, Bamboo Skewers
Chopsticks– Wooden & Bamboo

Food Wraps
Aluminum – Foil Rolls & Pre-cut
PVC Film – Rolls & Pre-cut
Paper – Kraft rolls, Waxed Sheets & Rolls Sandwich Wraps

Napkins, Placemats, Tablecovers
Napkins – Cocktail, Dispenser, Luncheon & Dinner, Multi-ply
Placemats – White, Color, Printed, Scalloped
Tablecovers – Doilies, White, Color, Roll Tablecovers & Disposable Table Linens
Miscellaneous – Towelettes, Bibs, Chef Hats, Coasters, Gloves, Aprons, Pan Liner

Custom Printing
Successful food service establishments recognize the value of advertising on their drink cups & food containers. Special printing is an economical way of advertising your business & a valuable means of enhancing your image. Colorful, distinctive, quality printing can be produced on paper, plastic, foam cups, containers, napkins & placemats.
Distribution center for Malolo Beverages in Honolulu, HI

Additional Products

Food Products

Malolo Syrups
Fruit Punch, Strawberry, Orange, Rootbeer, Vanilla, Cherry, Lemon, Lemon Lime, Pineapple, Grape, Banana, Blue Vanilla

Coca Cola Post Mix Products
Classic Coke, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Caffeine Free Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta Fruit Punch, Barq’s Rootbeer, Iced Tea

Coca Cola Post/FCB* Products
Frozen Carbonated Beverages

Pancake Mixes
Buttermilk, Wheat & Honey, Pancake Syrup

Mayonnaise, Jalapeno, Relish, Pickles

Portion Control Food Packets
Assorted Jams & Jellies, Pancake Syrup
Dressings: French, Italian, Thousand Island, Ranch
Condiments: Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Sweetener, Non-dairy Creamer, Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, Relish, Hot Sauce, Shoyu, Tartar Sauce

Ice Cream Cones
Sugar, Waffle, Flat Bottom Cake Cup

Diced Almonds, Chocolate, Caramel, Butterscotch, Pineapple, Strawberry, Hot Fudge, Marshmallow, Blueberry, Candy Toppings

Pie Fillings
Apple, Strawberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Lemon

Shake Flavorings
Malt, Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, Cherry, Vanilla, Pineapple

Janitorial/Sanitation Products

Restroom Care
Disinfectants, Cleansers, Bowl Cleaners, Brushes, Hand Soaps, Automatic Hand Soap Systems, Urinal Blocks & Screens, Air Care, Automatic Flush & “Touch Free” Cleaning Systems

Kitchen Care
Dilution Control for Triple Sinks, Grill Stones, Oven Cleaners, Detergents, Sanitizers, Drain Maintenance, Cleansers, Condiment Pumps

Specialty Products
Trash Liners, Toilet Tissue, Multi-Fold, Gloves, Roll Towels, Polishes, Degreasers, Enzyme Products, Glass & Multisurface Cleaners, Wet Mops, Dust Mops, Brooms, Microfiber Systems, Mop Buckets/Wringers, Wet Floor Signs, Pads & Sponges, Dilution Control Chemical Proportioning Systems

Floor Care
Strippers, Maintainers, Sealers, Finishes, Pads, Hard Floor Equipment, Doodlebugs, Squeegees, Carpet
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